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Hercules Project : Hercules is a Mainframe HW instruction emulator and you can have old MVS and VM systems installed on your pc running Linux or Windows. (and it looks strange - running at your PC)
MVS 3.8 and VM/370 R6 are in "public domain" and can be used with no obligations.
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Programs: This section wil contain programs for Mainframe systems.

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BC MVS - Browse TSO output: This little Rexx exec will act as a frontend for tso commands - and pick up all output and place it in a VIO dataset and browse this dataset. MVS - JCL generator: This generator consist of 1 Rexx exec and 1 ISPF panel. The function of this exec is to be able to generate JCL statements (or other mass generating records) from a dataset contaning dataset names - it could be done by using ISPF 3.4 and save this dataset list: SAVE XXXX And you will have a dataset contaning this list : .XXXX.DATASETS
It is possible to precode up to 10 statements concerning every dataset name
Maybe it would be vice to change tag-char. in panel statements to fit your national language. MVS - Member TO File: Read all members in a PO dataset and write all members into one member in another dataset with IEBUPDT name statements separating every member MVS - File TO Member: split seq. or PO dataset which contains ./ ADD NAME=member IEBUPDATE statements - separating every member in the member or file - which contains the input file into members in a PO output ds.
If member name exist in output ds, name for following members will be : MEMBERx where x will be first number not in use(1-9)
Command format: FTOM indataset outdataset MVS - TSO SLEEP: Set TSO user in SLEEP mode for x Seconds
Command format: CALL 'user.LOADLIB(SLEEP)' '/00010'       < TSO format >
Command format: ISPEXEC SELECT PGM(SLEEP) PARM('/00010')       < ISPF format > MVS - TSO CLRSCN: Clear TSO VTAM Screen
Will work on MVS 3.8J (RMODE and AMODE should be prefixed by a *)
Command format: CALL 'user.LOADLIB(CLRSCN)'